Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence cases can be very emotional situations for everyone involved. Whether you have been the victim of domestic violence or have been falsely accused of it, you need an attorney who knows how to resolve these matters in a way that does not escalate the situation.

Attorney Darran Barhaugh has considerable experience handling Illinois domestic violence cases. He understands the importance of getting the facts and protecting the rights of his clients. You can turn to The Barhaugh Law Firm, P.C., for help with orders of protection, hearings and related proceedings such as divorce and child custody. Please call our office at 630-689-1778 to schedule a free consultation with a domestic violence lawyer in the Naperville area.

Domestic Violence Allegations And Orders Of Protection

If you or your children are in danger or have been victims of domestic abuse, we can file an order of protection on your behalf. An order of protection prohibits all contact between the victims and alleged abusers. Depending on the details of the case, the person may be ordered to leave your home, and you may be given temporary custody of any children you have together.

We can represent you at the hearings for temporary or emergency orders of protection. When appropriate, we will argue for temporary orders to be made permanent for two years.

In addition, we can defend people who are wrongfully accused of domestic violence. We defend against orders of protection in family court as well as violations of protective orders in criminal court. Attorney Barhaugh understands that people sometimes make false allegations of domestic assault when they are involved in contentious divorce or custody cases. He will determine the facts of the case and argue for your rights.

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